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Introduction to our Educational Tours

A Tour in England offers each member of your group a fantastic learning experience. They will get a taste of the UK’s culture, diversity and history as the group have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and indulge in various experiences the UK has to offer.

During the tour you will have the opportunity to connect regularly with the local community, students, teachers and the culture. You will embark on multiple experiences to ensure the group return with rich learning experiences to treasure for a lifetime. With England’s diversity and cultural history there are endless possibilities to enhance your knowledge of this fascinating country.

Your group can look forward to a wide range of UK experiences, such as:

• Learn about the vast history and culture of the UK
• Understand about English literature
• See House of Commons, Lords Chamber (UK Parliament)
• Learn about the significance of the automotive industry and engineering
• Visit where sporting history has been made
• Connect with students and teachers at renowned schools and universities
• Learn about astronauts and outer space
• How music and art has evolved over time
• Learn about the Royal Family
• How science has developed over time
• Visit some of the most fascinating landmarks the UK offers
• Interactive sessions and debates
and many more

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