About Us

About Us

Rhino Tours is proud to invite the world to England to embark on a truly memorable experience.

Through our tours, we share our love for sports and education while providing you with the opportunity to enjoy some of the UK’s world-famous sights and experiences.

We have provided successful visits from around the world which include countries such as  South Africa, New Zealand, India, West Indies, Canada, UAE and many more

In safe and comfortable surroundings, each group will learn about themselves, about the UK, and take-home experiences to treasure for a lifetime.

Our Football Tours

We give aspiring footballers the opportunity to play in the home of football and develop their skills and experience. Footballers are immensely challenged in English conditions, and we see these talented young players improve through our programme, returning home with a deeper understanding of the game.


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Our Cricket Tours

A cricket tour of England provides each member of your group with a fantastic cricketing experience. Participants will enjoy a unique UK-based programme, alongside specialist coaching designed to support cricketing growth and improvement.  

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Our Educational Tours

Our educational tour of England offers each member of your group an extraordinary learning opportunity. They will experience UK culture, diversity, and history first-hand as they visit a range of historic sites and places of interest. Each group will enhance their knowledge and enjoy memorable activities as they travel to some of the UK’s most famous locations.  

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Customer Reviews

I have been fortunate enough to have travelled to India with CCA on more than two occasions, both of which have improved my game leaps and bounds and given me the confidence to believe in myself.

Will Hunt - Senior Player

Rhino Tours provided so much more than Josh had expected and he has come away richer in personality and cricket ability.

A very big THANK YOU once again and we sincerely hope that Josh will be in a position to join you again next year

Zena Brown - Mother

I just wanted to reiterate what a wonderful time I had. I have grown immensely from the experience and look forward to joining the program again next year.

Matt Jones - Residential Camp

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